Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Vision, and Code of Conduct

Corporate Philosophy

The Katakura Group is dedicated to helping create a sound and fulfilling society as the guardians of life and good health while embracing the principles of trust, sincerity and cooperation.

Corporate Vision

Our goal is to be a corporate group that pursues dispersion and fusion while achieving high standards of health, safety and comfort, and environmental responsibility in order to create new seeds of growth.

Code of Conduct

Katakura Group Code of Conduct

The Katakura Group pursues profit through fair competition and broadly contributes to society through sound, responsible business activities. Therefore, we respect not only the letter but also the spirit of laws and the company’s rules, possess a strong sense of ethics, and do the following.

  1. We adhere to legal and social norms and undertake fair, transparent, free, and sound business activities.
  2. We provide beneficial products and services that fully take into consideration safety in order to contribute to people’s comfortable lives.
  3. We strive to conduct timely, appropriate, and fair disclosure and broadly communicate this information to society.
  4. We voluntarily undertake aggressive environmental protection activities and promote recycling and energy efficiency.
  5. We respect the personality, individuality, will, and creativity of each individual and maintain a healthy, vital work environment.
  6. We respect the cultures and practices of foreign countries we do business in and contribute to the development of those countries.
  7. As a conscientious corporate citizen, we actively contribute to society.
  8. We resolutely confront antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order and safety of citizens and society.