Striving to Become a Specialty Pharmaceutical Company in the Field of Cardiovascular Medicine

Having first become the top manufacturer of vitamins, we now manufacture and sell pharmaceuticals for treating cardiovascular illnesses, particularly angina pectoris and cardiac infarction. Both Frandol®, our independently developed treatment for persistent angina pectoris, and Frandol® Tape, the first affixable heart medicine in Japan, immediately won high praise after sales were launched. In addition to introducing the world’s first β1 blocking tape Bisono® Tape, we have been working to develop high-value-added generic products in recent years and are striving to become a specialty pharmaceutical company that is truly needed.

Frandol® Tape, Japan’s first affixable heart medicine

World’s first β1 blocker Bisono® Tape

Industry-leading cardiovascular medicine

Pharmaceuticals used in cutting-edge treatments