President’s Message

Katakura Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1873. We first became famous for our silk production, and later went on to make great contributions to the development of modern industry.

To cope with the changing social needs, we operate multi-dimensional businesses by effectively using both the tangible and intangible resources we have developed in the form of Katakura Silk. At present, textiles, pharmaceuticals, machinery and real estate are the four key pillars that serve as the core of our proactive business activities.

The Katakura Group formulated its “Katakura 2021” medium-term management plan for the five years from 2017 to 2021 with the aim to become a well loved bicentennial company. To achieve the objective of “Katakura 2021,” the entire Group will continue to strive under the following two fundamental strategies: to transform Katakura into a growing business, and to create new businesses.

We will continue to respect the tradition that the Group has cultivated through its enterprising spirit, and do our utmost to provide products and services that meet customer expectations.

We look forward to your continued cooperation and guidance.

Ryosuke Joko

President and CEO, Representative Director