Adding Beauty and Health to Life

Having inherited traditional silk production know-how, we create quality, super-sensitive undergarments and hosiery. Our attention to detail is deeply rooted in not only our product planning, of course, but also throughout the management system, from material selection to design and finish. We will continue to provide products of the highest quality that would touch the hearts of those who wear them.

Products Handled


In addition to quality silk undergarments, we handle a wide range of value-added products made from numerous materials that possess various functions.


We strive to develop products that lead fashion and provide customers with maximum satisfaction.

Undergarments for Seniors

We create products that support the lives of seniors, such as undergarments that reduces the burden on those nursing others and socks that names can easily be written on, which is convenient when sorting laundry at nursing facilities, etc.


We produce various types of aprons such as original brand products. These are primarily licensed products.

Ogran Japan Co., Ltd.

Relaxing garments

We bring our customers various types of garments for relaxing, such as original brand items. These are primarily licensed products.

Ogran Japan Co., Ltd.

License(David Hicks)

We manage brands that have won high praise even overseas so that we can create products in various fields.

David Hicks Japan

Specialty Manufacturer of the Continuous Fiber Vinylon

We manufacture and sell various types of functional fibers, such as the water-soluble fiber Solvron and the thermal resistant NITIVY ALF (continuous alumina fiber) using our unique polyvinyl alcohol dry spinning equipment. In addition to developing high-value-added functional fibers using mixed yarns, we are actively expanding into new fields.

Main Products

Water-soluble fiber Solvron

This is a special fiber that is water soluble.

Outstanding thermal resistant fiber NITIVY ALF™

This is a specialty fiber that possesses numerous outstanding properties, such as top thermal resistance, processability, strength, elasticity, and resistant to electric charges.