1873 Ichisuke Katakura starts sitting-style silk reeling employing 10 people in Kawagishi village (today's Okaya-shi), Suwa-gun, Nagano
1878 June Kanetaro Katakura opens Kaito Silk Mill with Western-style machines employing 32 people in Kawagishi village
1895 Katakura Gumi established in line with expansion of silk reeling business, a branch opened in Kyobashi, Tokyo
1920 March Katakura Silk Spinning Co., Ltd. (capital: ¥50 million) established as successor to the Katakura Gumi
Headquarters moved to Kyobashi, Tokyo
1930 July Sericulture laboratory (today's Bioscience Research Center) established
Start of Research & Development Division operations
1939 September Merger with former government-owned Tomioka Silk Mill (Tomioka Silk Mill Co., Ltd.)
1943 November Name changed to Katakura Industries Co., Ltd.
1946 November Omiya Factory opened
Start of Machinery Electronics Business Division operations
1949 May Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1954 May Katakura Hudson Socks Co., Ltd. established
Manufacture and sale of "Caron" brand women's socks
Start of Clothing Business Division operations
1973 March Toride Shopping Plaza opened (closed in 2007)
Start of shopping center business
1975 April Katakura Horticultural Center, Yamanashi Branch opened (today's New Life Katakura, Isawa Store)
Start of Retail Business Division operations
1987 March Tomioka Plant (former government-owned Tomioka Silk Mill) closed down
1992 June Omiya Factory moved to Kazo-shi, Saitama (today's Kazo Plant)
December Last silk mill, the Kumagaya Plant, closed down, ending 121 years of sericulture
2000 November Katakura Silk Memorial Hall opened
2004 September Cocoon Shintoshin shopping center opened
2005 September Tomioka Plant (former government-owned Tomioka Silk Mill) buildings donated to Tomioka-shi
2008 August Ogran Japan Co., Ltd. established
2011 October Headquarters moved to Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
2013 April Tokyo Square Garden opened
2014 September Katakura Care Partner Senior day care service(Nishi Oi) opened
2015 March Katakura Care Partner Senior day care service(Musashisakai) opened
Cocoon Terrace Inokashira opens
April Cocoon City Cocoon 2 opens
July Cocoon City Cocoon 3 opens
Mulberry Garden Cocoon City store opens
2017 March Katakura Silk released for sale
July Inokashira Silver Residence opens
September Cocoon Athletics at Cocoon City opens
2018 April Cocoon Daycare Center at Cocoon City opens