Proposing Rich Lifestyles

 We develop products and services necessary to improve the lives of consumers and solve problems.

Agriculture-Related Products

Bees for Cross-Breeding and Environment-Friendly Agricultural Chemicals

We operate an agriculture support business that makes use of technology related to insects, including silkworms, that we have acquired over many years.

Food Products

Japanese Honey

We are particular about morning harvesting—that is, starting early morning to harvest ripe honey made solely by bees. We supply pure honey with no additives that is smooth and rich.

Plant and Pet Specialty Shop

Mulberry Garden

Based on the idea of a healing space to live in harmony with nature, qualified staff with extensive experience propose lifestyles of emotionally fulfilling days spent with pets and greenery.

General Building Maintenance

Building Management Services and Flower/Tree Planting

With the goal of providing comfortable spaces, we manage commercial facility and office building spaces, business workplaces, and residential spaces.